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A Ryan Gosling Fan Community

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Hello and Welcome to Gosling_Daily @ lj, a community for the fans of the actor Ryan Gosling!

R U L E S :
  ·  one - all posts must be about ryan/his work & must include a photo.
  ·  two - if posting any spoilers, please post them under an lj-cut with a warning.
  ·  three - posting graphics/photos/etc. is encouraged, just be sure to use and lj-cut for anything larger than 400px in width.
  ·  four - no hotlinking! if you need to host an image, try imageshack or photobucket.
  ·  five - please be kind to one another. anyone being rude or disrespectful will be warned. if the behavior continues, they will be banned.
  ·  six - please enjoy yourselves.

if you are unfimiliar with how to use an lj-cut, go here.

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L A Y O U T :
all graphics/coding used in Gosling_Daily were done by the mod, ibejeska