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i posted this in my LJ and decided to share it with the community. cross posted to _ryan_gosling_ since i saw "Murder by Numbers" on AMC last week, i'm ryan obsessed. two things i love on a man: hands and cufflinks. there's both in here.

Ryan wet.

With a match. i like how his face is focused, but the hand with the match is not. and his eyes are all dark like he knows what you look like without your petticoat on. his arms and hands are just sexy.

if this acting thing does't work...there's always modeling.

Ryan in tuxedo at the Oscars 2006.

Ryan from GQ in November 2007. I want to say for "Lars and the Real Girl"
this from the GQ interview that i found so hilarious i had to share**

Ryan in a tuxedo in "Fracture"

Ryan in a black flag t-shirt

Ryan with scruffy facial hair

Ryan smoking. oh to be that cigarette. hands [meep]

where do i begin? b&w pictures are the best. hands then. THEN! veins in the arms. few things turn me on more than a man with veiny arms. i can't explain it. won't even try.

Ryan with hand to face. hands.

Just roll with me.

Another b&w. more hands.

I don't especially like that suit he's wearing. what is that houndstooth? but i'm posting it for two reasons: his hands and the cufflinks. to me, there's just something super sexy about cufflinks.

Nov 2007 GQ. i knew he was dirrrty in bed.

“One disgusting, filthy Move,” he says, “that I built my empire on.”

The beginning was a talent show, in which a girl for whom 7-year-old Gosling had a thing was performing an air-band version of Billy Joel’s deathless class-struggle anthem “Uptown Girl.” Hoping to get next to her, Gosling volunteered his services as a backup dancer. There was no choreography, so Gosling just did what he felt:

“I go up onstage and start, like, dry-humping the stage. I’m grabbing my stuff, I’m licking my fingers, I’m going up to grown women and trying to grind their faces. Meanwhile, I’m like, 7, y’know?”

You were 7—were you emulating behavior you’d seen somewhere else? On TV, maybe?

“No. I was just inherently filthy,” Gosling says. “I was born inherently filthy. And then we won. And we got on the front page of the newspaper. And because I was so young, and what I was doing was so sexual, people really liked it. They really supported it. And then because I won that, I got on a TV show that was like Star Search. My parents were like, ‘You have to come up with a real routine.’ And—honestly—I said, ‘That’s what I do, it’s my thing.’ And they were like, ‘But it’s disgusting. You can’t do that.’ ”

Were you aware that it was disgusting? Or did you think that if you were being rewarded for it, it was okay?

“Yeah,” Gosling says. “In my little mind, I was giving the people what they wanted. Who are you, as my parents, to keep the people from getting their medicine, my filthy 7-year-old Move? I made up a routine that didn’t have the Move in it. They locked me in the basement until I figured it out, and then they made me do it twice to make sure it was an actual routine. Then I went on the show—and I did the Move. And I won!”

So you were getting the wrong message.

“I was fighting the Man,” Gosling says. “So then—are you interested in this?”


“Okay,” Gosling says, throwing one arm over the back of the booth. “Because it’s the truth. I’m gonna tell you the truth.”

He kept winning. People would see him on the streets of his little town, ask him to do the Move. With time the Move evolved: “It was very emotional,” Gosling says. “The main thing was I would pick a girl, or a grown woman, from the audience, and I would just attack her sexually. I would make filthy love to her. I’d mock-take-off her clothes. I would show her what I, as a 7-year-old, would do to her if I could get her alone. The whole thing.”
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