Jackie (wickedwisdom) wrote in gosling_daily,

Ryan Gosling

putting these clips behind a cut. some of them are large. cross posting to _ryan_gosling_

ryan on ellen
there are so many things to love about this clip. the way he talks about his mom, the way he's properly using "rockin" (ie "my mom was rocking the beehive") and 7:00 in great ass shot at 9:00 another great ass shot and he can move his hips. again, i say he's probably fucking FILTY in bed.
[sigh love him]

ryan at SAG awards:
his sister is great. while c_double was no "nightmare of a child" there were definate times when he exhibited bad behavior so i know what his sister is talking about. he's so white boy ghetto. his speech patterns even turn me on.

ryan and rachel winning best kiss at 2005 MTV movie awards:
i played this clip over and over and over. i love where he points at her and gives her the "come on wave" . then when they stop kissing, he's still got his gum in. i hate the song that's playing while they're kissing though. too sappy for me.

ET canada
pre-oscar buzz for "half nelson"

SBIFF awards.
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